Free Pavilion Plans

If you like to grow plants on your own, you probably have a backyard and an unique sense that tells you outdoor is way better than indoor. You already know how your home looks like, so it’s time to innovate and to add value to your life. If you are like me, you like a hot tea, a lemonade or a yummy coffee in the morning, before communing to work.

What would you say if I told you that you can have that but surrounded by singing birds and beautiful flowers. It seems surreal, doesn’t it? Well… good news is this is possible, not tomorrow not in a year, but NOW. All you need to do is start with some awesome outdoor pavilion plans! That’s right, we are going to build an outdoor pavilion for your backyard. GardenPlansFree is an awesome site with tons of free plans and woodworking projects, so make sure you check it out before you will get so rich you will afford anything. 🙂


Free Pavilion Plans

Building a 20x20 pavilion

I didn’t grow up with rich parents, so I have learned the value of money since I was a kid. Building yourself is the easiest way to save money and to toughen up. You need to improve yourself and learn new things if you want to stay competitive.

Invest in high quality materials and use the plans I recommend, so you save time and you cut through the learning curve. You can choose from so many dimensions and it is so easy to adjust the size of the free pavilion plans to suit your needs.


How to build a backyard pavilion

Building a picnic shelter

After setting the posts in concrete you need to wait for a couple of days, so the concrete dries out. Use a spirit level to plumb the posts before the concrete sets up.

Next, you need to install the top rails. Use screws to lock everything together tightly. In addition, add braces to reinforce the whole structure, especially if you live in a windy area. Next, fit the 2×6 rafters to the structure. Make sure you space the rafters every 24″ on center, so that the roof is well put together.

Fit trims to the front and back of the pavilion. In addition, fit trims to the sides of the pavilion, so that you enhance the look of the wooden pavilion. Remember that building a pavilion by yourself is not as difficult as it might seem.

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